Saturday, December 1, 2012

Song of the Week: An Introduction by David Ramirez

by Ben Howard

Hey everybody, I hope you had a great week! It's been a busy one for me personally, but I guess that's better than being boring.

This Week at On Pop Theology:
Monday - Top Chef and Whole New Worlds

"We can and should be inviting people to participate not just in one story, but in a world full of stories; a world with its own language and its own symbols and its own history."

Tuesday - Justin Bieber and King David

"Justin Bieber is King David reincarnated. I’m not joking. Not even a little bit. Well, maybe a little bit."

Wednesday - On Growing Up

"It’s the first time I remember feeling like I was on my parent’s level and with that realization came another and more startling realization, one that becomes more and more obvious as I continue to mature: Everybody is making up life as they go along."

Thursday - On The Things I Didn't Feel

"Friends of mine would change their entire lives and move to foreign countries to keep doing that kind of work and they felt so much passion for it. I felt so proud of them and glad that they had something they loved so much, but then they’d ask me what I felt and I still felt the same."

Friday - Waiting on Emmanuel

"What if in the Incarnation we are not being provided with a picture of a creator bending down to meet his creation, but of a creation rising up to meet its creator? What if God became man to show us that man could become God by embracing what humanity was created to be?"

I'm hoping to hear your thoughts on all of these posts. Do you agree, disagree? What did they make you think? Am I as crazy as I appear? Also, if you have an idea for a future post or if you want to write a post in the future, just email me. I'd love to hear from you.

This week's Song of the Week is "An Introduction" by David Ramirez. Hat tip to Mary Reynolds for suggesting this guy a few weeks ago. David is an indie/folk artist out of Austin, TX and this song has been blowing my mind for the past few days. I'll post the lyrics after the video.


An Introduction by David Ramirez

I've stood in Roman cathedrals  
Prayed in Southern Baptist chapels 
I've never heard a voice so I ain't paying a penny more 
Tell me where to find the Lord  
They raised me on doughnuts and coffee 
Under fluorescent lights we watched outdated movies 
It smelled like a hospital but no one was being cured 
Tell me where to find the Lord  
Tell me where to find 
Tell me where to find the Lord 
How the hell am I supposed to knock on Heaven if I can't even see the door 
Tell me where to find the Lord  
So I traded in my pew for a bar stool 
Trying to find redemption in the mind of the youth 
We'd sit tall with our cigarettes and disheveled uniforms 
Oh I never, no I never saw the Lord  
My biggest fear in the world 
Is introducing myself in the grave 
After all my years living free 
I don't have much to say  
Oh the longer I live the more I know I'm gonna die 
And the more questions I have the less I want to try 
Time was winning so many times I stopped keeping score 
Tell me where to find the Lord
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