Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christian Books...and Zombies

on pop theology, philosophy, theology, culture, pop culture, christianity Note: Special thanks to James K.A. Smith and his twitter feed (@james_ka_smith) for inspiration and some awesome zombie book names.

by Ben Howard

In an attempt to increase Christian book sales, the following titles will be re-released this fall with one small addition.  Zombies.  Hordes of 'em.

Chicken Soup for the Zombie Soul – A delightful book of quips and stories to warm your undead heart. Includes all your zombie favorites from Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) to Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) to the guy who directed Thriller. Foreward by George Romero.

Purpose Driven Zombies – What on earth am I here for other than to eat brains, delicious brains. (@bobby_griffith)

Irresistible Zombie Revolution – Learning to live the simple life is a lot simpler when you have a single-minded thought process.

The Five Zombies You'll Meet in Heaven – Jesus is probably one of them, right? (co-blogger Jonathan Harrison)

Zombie Love Wins – It doesn't matter if there's a hell if we can love each other as the undead. (@likemindead)

Left Behind...With Zombies – I haven't read this series. It's totally possible that there are zombies in these books. I doubt Tim LaHaye reads this blog. (@MattCapps)

Blue Like Zombies – A man comes to terms with his faith, his faults, all amidst the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse. Since, it's based in the Pacific Northwest, I feel like this is vampire territory. The Cullen family needs to show these zombies what's up. (@tall_mp)

Mere Zombies – The most influential book for the thoughtful modern zombie. Also, pick up Zombie Letters, a fictional account of the letters between a zombie and his apprentice. (@MichaelRWear)

Sinners in the Hand of an Angry Zombie – This sermons sounds so much cooler with an Angry Zombie instead of an Angry God. Jonathan Edwards would have written some great horror movies. (@zhoag)

Zombie Discipleship – To be a good zombie comes at a price, a painful price, one's very life...because of the whole undead thing. (my friend Hannah Sigmon)

How (Not) to Speak of Zombies – When we reject the zombies, the zombies surround us and become us, but when we learn to accept the zombies as the other, then they no longer know where to find us.

Gospel of the Living Dead – This is an actual book. Looks cool. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1932792651/ref=cm_sw_su_dp


When he isn't writing about fictional zombie-based books, Ben spends his time training to become an Olympic medalist in competitive floating. Crossing his fingers for Baku in 2020. You can follow his training regimen on Twitter @BenHoward87.


  1. You forgot:

    Pagan Zombies? -- Exploring the Roots of Our Zombie Practices


    Reimagining Zombies: Pursuing the Dream of Organic Zombieism.

    (It's worth noting that I picked both of those because I love the originals. ; )

  2. Love 'em both.

    It was a little too obscure for the post, but somebody brought up Who's Afraid of Zombies: Bringing the Undead to Church. Solid call.