Thursday, July 12, 2012

When I Fall

on pop theology, philosophy, theology, culture, pop culture, christianityby Ben Howard

Today I'm posting a song by Steve Earle.  This song means a lot to me, and the story is really pretty interesting.  Steve Earle is a folk rock legend, but in the late 80's and early 90's he had a pretty serious heroin addiction which forced him to leave the music business for two years.  He refers to this two year hiatus as his, "vacation to the ghetto."  Near the end of this two year period, Earle was imprisoned on drug and weapons charges.  During his time in prison, Earle kicked the drug habit and has since returned to making music.  What is especially interesting about this song is the female side of the duet, which belongs to Steve's sister, Stacey Earle.  Knowing what she must have experienced during Steve's decent into addiction adds an extra level to this song.  I hope this song speaks to you like it does to me.


Late at night on some dark deserted highway  
On my way to another lonesome town 
I thought I might see the first light of a new day  
As it lay like fool's gold on the ground

But whenever I'm feelin' low 

I won't have to cry alone I know 
'cause you will answer when I call 
If I soar above the clouds and then 
I come crashin' back to earth again 
You will catch me when I fall

All these years I've watched you trip and stumble 
There were times that I feared that you were lost 
But every tear that I dried after you tumbled 
Comes to mind when I'm considerin' the cost

In my heart there's a place for you to run to 
Anytime you're tired and hurt and blue 
For my part I have only to remind you 
You will find me waiting when you do

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