Saturday, August 25, 2012

Song of the Week: Let It Go by Brianna Gaither

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Hey everybody! I've been wanting to add a little more to the content here at On Pop Theology, so starting this week I'll be posting a Song of the Week every Saturday. Feel free to send me suggestions, recommendations, or if you're feeling really brazen, just drop by my house and sing to me. I'm 100% in favor of being wooed.

This week's Song of the Week is "Let It Go" by Brianna Gaither of her album Love is Patient. I actually went to school with Brianna at Oklahoma Christian, though I'm not sure if we ever actually met. Anyways, this is a really great song and I encourage you to give it a listen and check out some of her other stuff as well. Her website is

Also, my friend Ryan Parker is playing guitar in the background of this video. Hi Ryan! *awkwardly waves via the internet*


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