Friday, December 21, 2012

Thank You (My Christmas Letter)

by Ben Howard

This is the time of year where responsible people send out Christmas cards or even Christmas letters. They tell you about their year, remind you that they care, and in some cases simply remind you that they still exist. Since I am in no way a “responsible person” and only an “adult” by technical definitions of the term, I don’t do any of these things.

However, since I have this platform and since I have a tendency to get all reflective and wistful at this time of the year, I thought I’d share some personal thoughts on the past year, what I hope to come in the future, and why I love all of you so much.

This year has been a kind of whirlwind, not the Kansas-to-Oz type whirlwind, but the kind of storm that clears away a lot of the debris and leaves everything bright and shiny with rainbows hanging out in the sky.

In the last year, I started a new position at work which has been far more fulfilling. I’ve completed my Master’s degree in Theological Studies, though I did back my way over the finish line (that’s a story for another day), and most importantly for this particular exercise, I started this blog.

Before I go on, I want to sincerely thank every single person who has helped with this blog and every single person who has read it. I cannot convey to you how supportive and amazing and wonderful you all are.

I’ve never been the kind of person who does things “consistently” or who puts forth a lot of “effort.” Of course, I’m passionate about the things that I like, but I’m really good at procrastinating and justifying my choices to blow things off. This blog has been the exception and I’m so thankful for all of you that spend the time to read my (hopefully useful) ramblings and provide me with encouragement and feedback.

This blog has also served as a kind of therapy for me. It allows me to vent my frustrations, work through my emotions, and explore the general uncertainty of being a Christian, a twenty-something, a consumer of popular culture and a human. It’s allowed me to work towards an ability to live in the tension of life without readily falling prey to one extreme or the other (most of the time).

I know I’ve said it a few times already, but thank you all SO MUCH for this opportunity to share, to know and be known.

I’m not sure what the next year will bring. I’ve found myself tapping into ambitions and dreams that I didn’t know I had and hopefully some of those will come true. I hope I’ve provided you with even a touch of the grace that you’ve provided me and I look forward to hearing more from each of you as we continue on this journey together.

I want to hear how your lives have changed this year. Comment, email me, send smoke signals, I want to know. You’ve done so much for me, so much that you might not have even been aware of, and I want to be able to share that joy and that peace with all of you.

Merry Christmas!

I love you,

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