Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Week In Review and the Song of the Week: "Holy Blood" by Alabama 3

by Ben Howard

Welcome to the weekend everybody!

I hope you've had a great start to the weekend. Just a few bits of news before we move onto the week in review and the Song of the Week. As you may have noticed, I've been writing a bit less over the past few weeks. Part of that is attributable to the holidays, but I've also decided to cut back on the everyday writing so I can work on some other projects behind the scenes.

As a result, I will be posting new articles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the foreseeable future. I'm working on a couple different ideas for content on Tuesday and Thursday right now, but those aren't quite at the announcement stage yet.

Anyways, on to the Week in Review.

Monday - Notes From A Coffee Shop

"There’s a picture next to me on the wall. It’s not my wall, and it’s not my picture, but it is next to me and now it is in my mind. It’s a picture of a woman. An Ugandan woman I learn by way of the caption. She is tall and dark and beautiful. Her hair is cut very short. It’s almost shaved. She is wearing all black and looking slightly to her left and down. She is smiling. It is a beautiful smile."

Tuesday - Lightning In A Bottle: What The Hobbit and Arrested Development Mean for the Church

"So now you know that I wanted to be a fan, but even with my fan-boy glasses on, The Hobbit was only okay. It felt like the first of the Harry Potter films. You know, the one where they’re all going through wizard-puberty and you don’t actually care that much. It all felt kind of cartoon-y. 

It just wasn’t the thing that I loved the first time around."

Wednesday - Nine Theological Questions About the National Championship Game

"Since every sportswriter in the country is writing about this game, I thought I'd join in. However, since I've made it my mission in life to juxtapose the entire world one non-sequitor at a time, I've decided to explore nine theological questions about the National Championship game."

This week's Song of the Week is "Holy Blood" by Alabama 3, which contrary to their name is from England. Hat tip to Sebastian Faust for this song.

You need to listen to this. It's that good.

Have a great weekend everybody and remember to check out the On Pop Theology podcast. Episode Four will be dropping tomorrow!


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