Saturday, April 20, 2013

Matt Damon in a Santa Vest and the Best Things You'll Read All Week

Matt Damon, today show, santa claus, christmas, vest, bald headby Ben Howard

Reads of the Week

1) Keeping Silence in Tragedy: In the Aftermath of Explosions by David Henson
"Our tendency when tragedy strikes is to hover over it, to watch and re-watch it, to relive it as if we could undo it or begin to understand it. It is almost as if we believe that if we know the details of what happened, and we know it first, as soon as we can possibly know it, the tragedy will somehow be blunted. That the meaninglessness of the cycle of violence will somehow be broken, will be understood."

2) Is Hebrew Magical? Evangelicals and the Fascination with Judaism by Krista Dalton
"There isn’t anything inherently wrong about wanting to understand the biblical text better in its original language; understanding the ancient use of hesed really does illuminate a text. However,  I can’t help but cringe when I see two related phenomena: a Christian misusing/misunderstanding the Hebrew language or a Christian mysticizing the Hebrew language."

3) A Ring by Spring or Else You #FAIL Godly Womanhood by Melanie Springer Mock
"In the years since my lunch meeting with Kara, I’ve counseled many other college women who leave school after four years feeling like they’ve failed, or that they’re damaged, or that God doesn’t love them as much as God loves their soon-to-be-married friends."

4) It Can Happen Anywhere by LZ Granderson
"But like love and good, evil is an omnipresent force imposing itself on the rest of society like an untreatable cancer. So while Obama telling the American people those responsible will "feel the full weight of justice," we are haunted by the fact that "justice" won't bring the victims back."

5) When Home Looks Like Refuge by Megan Boudreaux
"As Francois’ head hit his pillow that night, I walked by his exhausted body and prayed over him. The miles his feet had walked; the things his eyes had seen; the hunger, fatigue and fear he must have felt."

Honorable Mention

In Praise of Shift by Focus on the Family by Tom Krattenmaker

Pretty Fly for A White Guy: Why I Married a White Dude by Grace Biskie

I Beg To Differ by Erika Morrison

Line of the Week

“We see a dog, it is barking. It could be a canine. We don't know. It is a dog.” - CNN Reporter Deborah Feyerick valiantly trying to fill the dead air between actual news

On Pop Theology Week in Review

Remembering a Ragamuffin
Rebekah Mays remembers Brennan Manning

When It Is Still Not Yet
On pain, suffering, and being numb to it all.

The Theology of Bacon
The key to theology is bacon.

Because It's Not My Tragedy
Lyndsey Graves reflects on tragedy, death, and how to live well.

Song of the Week

Kyrie by Bifrost Arts (feat. Shara Worden)


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