Saturday, May 11, 2013

Darth Vader Skiing With Children and the Best Things You'll Read All Week

Darth Vader, kids, skiing, snow, mountain, slopeby Ben Howard

Reads of the Week

1) Most of Them Are Mothers by Saskia Wishart
"I wonder for their children. I wonder what story they will be told about their mother. Will they one day learn that she was forced to sell her body? Or that she decided to do it because she thought it would give them a chance for a better life?"

2) The New Legalism: Missional, Radical, Narcissistic, and Shamed by Anthony Bradley
"I continue to amazed by the number of youth and youth adults who are stressed and burnt out from the regularly shaming and feelings of inadequacy if they happen to not being doing something unique and special. Today’s Millennial generation is being fed the message that if they don’t do something extraordinary in this life they are wasting their gifts and potential."

3) Choose Your Own Apocalypse by Lane Severson
Choose Your Own Apocalyptic Adventure from Premillennial, Postmillennial, Amillennial, Zombie, Robot or African. Enjoy!

4) Did Anyone Actually Read "The Great Gatsby"? by Zachary M. Seward
"Yet so many people seem enchanted enough by the decadence described in Fitzgerald’s book to ignore its fairly obvious message of condemnation. Gatsby parties can be found all over town. They are staples of spring on many Ivy League campuses and a frequent theme of galas in Manhattan."

5) Why I Love the Internet and Jesus Does Too by Micah Murray
"We are a generation that lives our lives online, with friends we’ve never met who we love with all our hearts. And I’ll fight anybody who says that’s not a beautiful thing."

Honorable Mention

Evangelicalism and the Problem of Orthodoxy by Zack Hunt

Beyond Black and White: Yellow Fever and Letting Go of Shame by Mihee Kim-Kort

Parenting and Passions and Making Nerds of Your Children by Jason Boyett

Line of the Week

"Home Alone 4: Kevin is 30, unemployed, has $100,000 student loan debt, a degree in art history, still lives with his parents." - @lawblob
On Pop Theology Week in Review

A Biblical Response to An Athlete's Unbiblical Lifestyle
A concerned Christian calls out the church's response to a celebrity athlete.

Iron Man and Christian Identity
Superhero movies help to show us the constant struggle between identities of self and identities of power.

Song of the Week

"Icky Thump" by The White Stripes


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