Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sheriff Mini Horse and the Best Things You'll Read All Week

mini-horse, sheriff, lil sebastian, dressed up, mascot
by Ben Howard

Reads of the Week

1) Sermon on Why Hope and Vapid Optimism Are Not The Same Thing by Nadia Bolz-Weber
"And when it comes down to it,  I want hope – I just want a hope that doesn’t disappoint. Don’t we want beauty and reconciliation and possibility that comes from something other than our own limitations or the limitations of others. I want a hope that isn’t really just na├»ve optimism."

2) What About the Guys Who Do Fit the 'Gay Stereotype'? by Maya Dusenbery
"But it's not completely clear that showing that "even the jocks are gay" necessarily makes things better for those guys (gay or straight) who don't so readily conform to traditional masculine norms. Since gayness and femininity are still so linked, it's nearly impossible to determine what homophobia's driving factor is."

3) Privilege is Not Racism, Sexism or Oppression: A Proposal by Bo Sanders
"I am a person of privilege in almost every category. That privilege allows me to benefit from systems that oppress, hurt, and marginalize people. Does that mean that I am an oppressor? In the current binary configuration, I am not oppressed so I must be an oppressor.  We have seen all too well how this line of reasoning goes."

4) Idolizing Diversity by Joseph Randall
"Now, whenever I enter homogenous and/or unreconciled spaces (which is often) and am tempted to respond like I did at the retreat (which is also often), I’m reminded of that powerful moment when God spoke to me through my friend and invited me into the freedom of serving God rather than diversity.  Now, it’s fairly easy to choose freedom."

5) Sleeping Through Storms: Rethinking Theodicy, Natural Disasters and God's Omnipotence by David R. Henson
"God’s power isn’t in the control of creation or of people, but in being in covenant and relationship with them. It isn’t in imposing the divine will or insisting on its own way but in sojourning with us as we fumble around and make our way in the world. God’s power is not in miraculous interventions, pre-emptive strikes in the cosmic war against suffering and evil, but in inviting us to build a kingdom out of love, peace and justice with God."

Honorable Mention

Mad Libs Blogging for Conservative Christians by Lane Severson

'You're a Slacker, McFly': Vice Principal Strickland is Always With Us by Fred Clark

In Which I Know, I'm Sorry, and I Hope I Was Kind by Sarah Bessey

Line of the Week

"And as it is such, so also as such it is unto you." - Arrested Development

On Pop Theology Week in Review

In Memoriam: Reflections After Memorial Day by Sebastian Faust
"And there is a time for blessing the things that make me most uncomfortable.  There is a time to bless my ambivalence."

God Doesn't Want You To Be Happy: Hemlock Grove and Dysfunctional Christianity by Charity Erickson
"I began to believe that it was not within God’s will for me to be happy, and that joy must be something other than what I’d always thought it to be."

Myths and Legends: Jordan, Presidents, and Arrested Development by Ben Howard
"Myths and legends define us, or to be more specific, they serve as our definitions, our benchmarks for what it means to be truly good, truly valuable."

Song of the Week

"Welcome Home" by Radical Face


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