Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another Use for a Wedding Dress and the Best Things You'll Read All Week

hunter, wedding dress, camoflague, gun, yeah
by Ben Howard

Reads of the Week

1) I Sit On a Man's Back, Choking Him... by Fred Clark

"I sit on a man’s back, choking him and making him carry me, and therefore justice is to me a terrifying threat. If the world suddenly became a just place, I’d be the first one up against the wall."

2) Everyone's a Biblical Literalist Until You Bring Up Gluttony by Rachel Held Evans

"In short, we like to gang up.  We like to fashion weapons out of the verses that affect us the least and then “clobber” the minority with them. Or better yet, conjure up some saccharine language about speaking the truth in love before breaking out our spec-removing tweezers to help get our minds off of these uncomfortable logs in our own eyes."

3) Dreaming of Mandela by Roger Cohen

"I have been dreaming of Mandela. An old idea: He who touches one human being touches all humanity. I have been murmuring his name: He broke the cycle of conflict by placing the future above the past, humanity above vengeance."

4) In the Dust, In the Back Row, Kneeling by Anne-Marie Heckt

"Perhaps only through falling, realizing his fallenness, and then acting out of love and surrender anyway, Launcelot was the perfect man. The man made perfect, and so of use to both God and man."

5) Sunday Night Church by Jen Hatmaker

"We live in a strange, unprecedented time where face-to-face relationships in actual time and space are becoming optional. It’s tricky, this online connection, because it can be so meaningful and true, and I’ve personally experienced it give way to actual in-real-life friendships I treasure. But it can also steal from friends on porches, the ones who know your middle name, talking about real life over cheese and wine."

Honorable Mention

Jesus Doesn't Want You to be a Good Samaritan by David R. Henson

Florida Juice: Thoughts Before the Trayvon Verdict by Maria Dixon

Tyler Perry and the Black Women He Loves by Rod the Rogue Demon Hunter

Tweets of the Week

"Last night I dreamed I was at a church award ceremony and the award for "Most Prophetic" was given to Yoda. It was awesome." - Jonathan Harrison (@jonateharrison)

"I'm shocked that Ice Cube had time to bash Dwight Howard in between breaks of filming 'Did the Check Clear Yet?'" - Keith Law (@keithlaw)

"After one week of VBS, our 4-year-old Joe has kindly informed us that he now 'knows more about Jesus than anyone else in the world.'" - Sarah Bessey (@sarahbessey)

On Pop Theology Week in Review

What It Means To Not Mean Anything by Ben Howard

"The movie opens silently with a picture of two chairs sitting on an empty desert road."

The Power of Sacrilege (or, God Said Haha) by Charity Erickson

"One cool fall evening in 2006, I resolved to do something horribly naughty."

A Closed Letter to Open Letters by Ben Howard 

"This doesn't concern you."

The Legality of Fear: Zimmerman, Race and Clint Eastwood by John Carter

"Twenty years ago this fall, I began my studies at Duke University School of Law."

Song of the Week

"Recover" by CHVRCHES


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