Sunday, March 23, 2014

Irony American Style and the Best Things You'll Read All Week

by Ben Howard and Sebastian Faust

Reads of the Week

1) Speaking Fear, Praying Shalom by Osheta Moore

"I don’t want to tell the truth that his mama is afraid. This Black Mama is afraid when I roll deep with my three kiddos in the affluent parts of Cambridge. I’m afraid of sideways glances and watchful eyes. I don’t want to tell my kids that they must been seen and not heard, not because their little voices don’t matter, but because the sound of our invasion invokes fear or annoyance. I don’t want to tell them that today, I read another story of racial profiling resulting in another black boy’s life cut short, and I keep seeing my oldest son’s face replace the victim’s face."

2) Urban Church Planting Plantations by Christena Cleveland

"This is happening all over the U.S. In Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston , Charlotte and many other cities, I’ve seen predominantly white, wealthy suburban churches take an imperialistic glance at the urban center, decide that they are called to “take back the city” and then proceed with all of the honor and finesse of a military invasion."

3) Sermon on Earthly Things, Wombs and the Resurrection of the Dead by Nadia Bolz-Weber

"And understanding the heavenly within the earthly, the transcendent within the mundane, is not an intellectual logical, reason-based experience. You can’t make the gospel make sense by using your head.  You have to use your hands.  And eyes, and mouth, and ears and nose. Because the kingdom of heaven, as Jesus says, is At HAND, reach out and touch it, see it, eat it, feel it. In other words, take in the glory of God in the common, unexpected and totally crazy ways in which our Lord Jesus Christ still seems to be redeeming us."

4) Cheese Ball Rosary by Tamara Lunardo

"I explained my anti-death stance to my 11-year-old last night while I boiled pasta for our dinner: 'The problem with death is it takes away all hope for life.' I talked about the possibility for redemption and healing while a person was still living; I talked about God being God and us, definitely not. I talked, impassioned and impotent, and the spaghetti turned limp from the boil."

5) A Voice in the Desert by Jamie Wright

"Into the desert, I carried my own. A dry spirit. An empty cup. An impressive expanse of cracked and broken foundation. Unknown and unlovely. The tiniest signs of life, waiting for rain. Waiting for water. Thirsty and wanting. No one could have known how lost I'd been when we arrived. No one could have known how small I felt. No one knew, as I climbed down the wobbly ladder, that doubt was shaking my soul. And then a steady hand reached up and took mine."

Honorable Mention

When the Abused Becomes the Abuser by Elizabeth Esther

When Christian Feminism is Anti-Judaic by Krista Dalton

In Which I Grow Wings by Amanda Williams

Tweets of the Week

"Oh, your bracket is still perfect? What about your parents' marriage, tough guy?" - @celebrityhottub

"Frantically not writing a blog post about Mark Driscoll. It's going to be a good one, y'all. And by good I mean nonexistent." - @TheAlanNoble

"The horrifying realization that if everything goes according to plan, you spend most of your life old." - @laureneoneal

On Pop Theology Week in Review

On Pop Theology Podcast: Episode 53 - Christ and Pop Culture w/ Alan Noble

"This week I talk with Alan Noble, the managing editor of the website and online magazine Christ and Pop Culture."

Fat Thursday by Lyndsey Graves

"'Cute joke,' I thought. 'Weird that someone happened to bring donuts on the same day the boss bought us lunch.'"

Pastors on Pedestals by Carly Gelsinger

"The children of an evangelical megachurch are given pictures of their pastor to color with crayons, a picture demanding their loyalty to him as their fearless, visionary leader."

What A Preacher Looks Like by JaneAnn Kenney

"On the last night of February, I stood before my classmates. I shivered as I reminded myself once again, 'A preacher looks exactly how I look tonight, because tonight I am a preacher.'"

Song of the Week

"Coming of Age" by Foster the People


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