Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Dangers of Hammocks and the Best Things You'll Read All Week

by Ben Howard and Sebastian Faust

Reads of the Week

1) "God Is Done With You": Pensacola Christian College and Sexual Violence by Samantha Field

"That is what these extremely strict morality codes do at these colleges. They actively prevent the administration from seeing a victim’s situation clearly. Because the administration is more committed to enforcing the honor code than they are to helping victims, they are incapable of giving a victim the protection he or she needs to come forward about their assault."

2) Footsteps in the Student Center by Katherine Willis Pershey

"What I did do was this: I sat in a room with a pastor of deep integrity who took the scriptures seriously enough not to take them literally. I admitted to being full of doubt and distrust without the person to whom I was speaking turning into the Salvation Police. I realized that Christianity didn’t have to be about accepting a bunch of propositions about God, but that it could be a journey."

3) The Solution to American Poverty by Shannan Martin

"If our hope dangles on a spindly thread of political best practices, it's time to shear it off. If we find ourselves caught up in the puppet-string politics where society's easiest targets dance on demand, a jazzy chorus line to our real concerns, let's remember God's kingdom is theirs and the responsibility to right their wrongs was handed straight to us."

4) The Fuller Integration Lectures: Part 4, Kenosis as Pouring Out and Vomiting by Richard Beck

"Specifically, what is being emptied is the hero system--the ways we have internalized social and cultural standards of significance versus insignificance, success versus failure, worthiness versus unworthiness, light versus darkness, pure versus defiled, whole versus damaged. The "emptying" of kenosis is becoming indifferent to, dying to, this hero system."

5) Jonesing by D.L. Mayfield

"This was my drug of choice for many years, my heroin, my whiskey. Saving the world, helping all the people, spreading the gospel both in word and deed. The picture on my shelf is a reminder of the dangers of my drug, of how self-serving and isolating it is, how it causes beautiful young refugees to become props in the story of me, how it becomes the only identifier of any value. Like the addict misses their fix, I look longingly at the picture. When I am jonesing hard to take up my old savior complexes and crosses, I look and remember that the world was never mine to save anyways. It was too big of a burden, and I was nearly crushed in the process."

Honorable Mention

Understanding My "Call" by Benjamin Moberg

Triumph of What? by Maria Gwyn McDowell

Brief Moments When I Did Not Hate The Bible by Heather Caliri

Tweets of the Week

"I've never been dumped but I have poured my cereal & later realized there was no milk so I pretty much know what you're going through." - @jbyas

"You're never really taking a selfie when you walk with Christ :)" - @ashfein

"I do not understand the concept of robots. I am a bear." - @a_single_bear

On Pop Theology Week in Review

OPT Podcast: Episode 52 - The Swan Children w/ Hannah Ettinger and Connor Park

"This week on the show Ben talks to Hannah Ettinger and Connor Park about the new magazine and online art gallery The Swan Children."

I Need You To Kill Me by Justin McRoberts

"Nothing curbs the appetite of my fierce personal preferences or consumerist instincts like falling in love with someone else."

Which Christian Celebrity Are You? by Rebekah Mays

"Lately, Buzzfeed has been taking up way too much of our time with all those darned quizzes, when we should be meditating on more lasting things during this period of Lent."

If God Had a Name by Sebastian Faust

"In the land where I am from we worshipped the nameless God."

The Eternal Darkness of Parks and Recreation by Charity Erickson

"My last On Pop Theology piece explored the newest addition to the McConaissance oeuvre, the seriously serious HBO show True Detective, and its struggle to say anything really meaningful about…anything."

Song of the Week

"Girls Chase Boys" by Ingrid Michaelson


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