Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Moral Ambiguity of Blowing Up the Death Star and the Best Things You'll Read All Week

by Ben Howard

Reads of the Week

1) Church in the Canyon by Esther Emery

"I catch a glimpse sometimes, a little nod and a reassurance that this is, in fact, exactly how it works. We are supposed to do this: to rub up against one another, even in our differences. Sometimes this work is long and slow like sand on the beach. Sometimes it’s all crushed up and wild like a storm. We bump against each other and we strike each other, and it wears away the stone to show the flesh beneath."

2) In Which I Admit That I Didn't Like Paul by Sarah Bessey

"But as I worked my way through the passages of Scripture that I used to hate, I began to see Paul more clearly, to understand Scripture even better. I began to see his wisdom, his subversion, his heart. When I looked at his full ministry – how he praised and esteemed women in leadership in the Church, how he turned household codes within a patriarchal society on their head, how he used feminine metaphors, how he subverted the systems, how he passionately defended equality – the verses that used to clobber me began to embrace me."

3) When World Vision Drops Me by Benjamin Moberg

"Though I understand that World Vision essentially had a gun to its head after evangelical leaders incited a mass backlash of dropped funds, it doesn’t make what they did right. Their reversal hurts more than anything I read from the evangelicals ranting. It was the kiss of Judas. And in the end, this was simply wrong and ungodly and deeply defeating."

4) Burnout by Hannah Ettinger

"Fuck everything, is all I can manage to say, half the time. I hear these stories and I hear the shame and the fear and the massive amounts of cultivated codependency for the sake of crowd control, and that’s all I’ve got. Fuck everything. Here we go again."

5) Hearts of Flesh by Rachel Held Evans

"Fundamentalism erases people.  It erases their joy, their compassion, their instincts, their curiosity, their passion, their selves.  And then it celebrates this ghosting, this nulling and numbing, as a glorious “dying to the self,” just like Jesus demanded."

Honorable Mention

When Christian Women Cheat or Kinda Want To by Grace Biskie

I Don't Know If I'm a Christian Anymore by Micah Murray

Holy Relics: The Offering Plate by Martyn Jones

Tweets of the Week

"Tweeting funny jokes on twitter dot come sure is a nice distraction from the imminent march of death." - @ashfein

"Growing up I never had a father figure. I was a kid. Why would I have the body of a father as a kid? I'm not even male." - @mrsjohngoodman

"Things took a dark turn at the Kids Choice Awards when the kids voted to declare martial law." - @CelebrityHotTub

On Pop Theology Week in Review

On Pop Theology Podcast: Episode 54 - Leviticus, An Interview w/ Baruch Levine

"This week on the show, Sebastian continues his exploration of the Biblical texts with the book of Leviticus."

The Meaning in the Music by Hannah Ettinger

"I grew up listening to four musicians. Stephen Curtis Chapman, Out of the Grey, John Michael Talbot and Bob Bennett."

A Series of Outright Lies About Millennials by Ben Howard and Sebastian Faust

"With the fundamental ethos of the internet in mind, we bring you A Series of Outright Lies About Millennials.Opening Line."

Song of the Week

"Blue Moon" by Beck


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