Saturday, February 1, 2014

Michelle Obama Dunking a Basketball and the Best Things You'll Read All Week

by Ben Howard

Reads of the Week

1) Sinners in the Hands by Sonia Smith

"Three days later they returned. As they drove through town, they came across four teenagers in a pickup truck. Andy started to ask them where to find the church, but before he could finish his sentence, one of them cut him off. 'You’re looking for the cult,' he said."

2) Don't Put Down the Camera by Carol Howard Merritt

"But I have to admit, my long defense also comes with a pang of guilt and another revelation of my ever-present insecurities. I’ve never started some amazing non-profit (something I thought I was called to before I began at Western Presbyterian). I often hear my activist friends saying, 'Shut up and do something.' And I always feel like I’m not doing enough. I’m not going deep enough. I’m not… enough."

3) Privilege and the Pill by Rachel Held Evans

"As we discuss contraception, Christians especially must be committed to telling the truth and getting our facts straight, or else we risk losing credibility in the conversation and leading the faithful astray."

4) More Than A Feeling: The Cup That Faith and Marriage Share by Shannan Martin

"Worship, like love, is a certain steadiness. It's staying consistent and present when the days are too long and the nights are lonely. It's all the little things, the small obediences and unacknowledged tasks. Worship is the salt-tracks of grief and quiet reflection. Love is toes touching under the covers when words have been scare or raw."

5) When Having an Opinion is a Weary Endeavor by Nate Pyle

"Writing becomes exhausting when you are constantly expending emotional and mental energy to disregard personal attacks. And that’s what they are, personal attacks. The blogosphere – and society in general – has become a place where the exchange of ideas has been replaced by the attacking the holder of ideas. Ideas are not put under scrutiny, the person is."

Honorable Mention

Justice Broken: How A Poor Theology Of The Cross Created America's Broken Justice System by Benjamin Corey

Boycotting for Sport: Why The Olympics Must Go On by Matthew Towles

Here's to the Children by Micah Murray

Tweets of the Week

"Weird. I wrote 'croissant' but it autocorrected to 'the terror of human life is that we are stalked by Death which may strike at any time.'" - @tejucole

"What if Daft Punk was actually Scott Stapp and Chad Kroeger?" - @ethanluck

"yeah lorde is younger than me and has two grammys but I'm sitting on the floor eating pizza rolls so who is the real winner here" - @aguywithnolife

On Pop Theology Week in Review

Take Your Son, Your Only Son: The Binding of Isaac and the Unbinding of God

"God said to Abraham, 'If you will, take your son.' And Abraham answered, 'I have two sons.'"

Les Revenants and the Christian Imagination

"The French show Les Revenants (translated as “The Returned”) appeared on the Sundance Channel at the end of 2013 to much acclaim."

On Pop Theology Podcast: Episode 48 - On Being Muslim in America w/ Amir Arain

"This week Ben talked to Dr. Amir Arain, the President of the Islamic Center of Nashville, about his Muslim faith, and in particular the experience of Muslims in the American South."

A Series of Outright Lies About the Eucharist

"So with the fundamental ethos of the internet in mind, we bring you A Series of Outright Lies About the Eucharist."

Song of the Week

"Ghost" by Chelsea Lankes


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